GRIFFIN – We care about the environment


At GRIFFIN, we feel we have an obligation to society and the environment. As a result, we think long term and focus on the long run as well as on sustainable results rather than short-term ones. 

We define the quality of our company partly through the extent to which we can reduce our environmental impact. This means more than just examining the materials and methods we use for our products. It means taking a holistic approach for all aspects of our business, including the use of resources in our buildings and facilities. Whenever possible, we use natural materials for our production and always focus on sustainability and adhering to the REACHregulations for chemical substances. In addition, we work exclusively with green electricity and ecologically certified paper (FSC certificationorEU Ecolabel). We also participate in the Dual System Germany (‘Green Dot’). We want to have a positive impact on people and the environment, so we have changed all our lighting equipment to energy-efficient LEDs and obtain all our natural raw materials (silk, leather, etc.) for our products from sustainable and ecological sources.


We have been supporting local social organisations through donations for years. For us, this isn’t typical philanthropy; it is a part of the cost of doing business, part of our efforts to offset (albeit imperfectly) the impact on natural and social systems, and to protect the world on which our businesses, employees and customers rely.